Into my 4th decade

Those of you who understood that the millenium didn’t start until 2001 will not be confused when I say that today I enter my fourth decade. Yup, today is the big three-zero for me! So as not to dwell on my birth, here are some other equally momentous events that happened on this date:

  • Sharing this birthday: President Andrew Jackson (1767), Jimmly Lee Swaggert and Judd Hirsch (1935), Sly Stone- the singer (1944), Dee Snider of Twisted Sister (1953), Fabio (1961), and Mark McGrath (1968)
  • 44 BC: Julius Ceaser assasinated.
  • 493 AD: Theodorik the Great beats Odoaker of Italy, was ticked off at being called “Theodork” by other rulers.
  • 1493 AD: Columbus returns to Spain after his first voyage.
  • 1672 – King Charles II enacts Declaration of Indulgence. Summary: “It’s good to be the king”.
  • 1820 – Maine admitted as the 23rd state of the union, which begs the question – where the heck was Maine during the Revolutionary war?
  • 1919 – The American Legion founded in Paris. What the heck is the American Legion?
  • 1959 – Chad becomes autonomous republic in French Community,will take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week …
  • 1980 – Sweden changes order of succession to throne. You go over there, you come here, etc…
  • 1989 – Gorbachev calls for “radical agriculture reform”. Up until then, in Soviet Russia field plant you!
  • 2000 – TV “funyman” Durward Kirby passed away, he outlived his career by almost 30 years..