Nokia 6600

I’ve held off on writing about my Nokia 6600 until the initial gadget shine wore off. I’ve recommended it to my friends, including Jason who’s already written about it. This is the smart phone written about on Slate. My friend Dave, who’s also a recent Mac convert, told me he used the iSync devices page to check what phones were supported. When I saw that the 6600 was on the list it pretty much sealed the deal. I bought it through with a T-Mobile account.


  • Bluetooth is not crippled – unlike phones from Verizon.
  • ISync over bluetooth just works once you pair the devices. Contacts and calendar sync from my phone to the Address Book and iCal applications. No cables, no tangle, no excuses.
  • Battery life is really good but I’m probably not the best to measure since I don’t use it heavily.
  • Since it runs Symbian OS, there are plenty of third party applications out there.
  • When my first phone mysteriously died (yes, its a bit of a pain that my phone has to boot up), t-mobile was really helpful and sent me a replacement phone with no hassle.
  • The camera is pretty decent and takes pictures at 640×480. It won’t replace a real digital camera but it can come in handy.
  • Came with a hands-free earphone and speaker.
  • After rebate, the cost of the phone was $50.


  • Since it runs Symbian OS, you need protection against viruses.
  • Its not a clam shell phone. The screen gets a bit greasy when you hold it up to your head to use it.
  • It can record video, but its limited to 10 second clips at a time.