US versus Mexico this Sunday

I read somewheres that we’re coming to about the half way point for qualification for next year’s world cup. Now is where it starts to get real serious and games mean more and more. For the US national team this means playing Mexico in Azteca stadium this Sunday at 1pm. This game will be a blast to watch so if you can, try to catch it on ESPN or Univision. writes up on the history of this regional rivalry, which has tilted decidedly in the US’ favor over the last 15 years. The article also has this gem of a quote from national team coach Bruce Arena:/p>

"I giggle sometimes when I look back and I see lineups we played in 1999 and 2000," Arena said. "I look at those lineups and I say those players would never step on the field today for U.S. soccer. So that means the coach has either gotten better, or the players are getting better. Or maybe both."

I can’t get the picture of Arena giggling like a little school girl out of my head. Who could he be laughing over, great American players like Roy Lassiter, Richie Williams, David Regis? Its actually pretty hard to tell, if you look at the USA lineups up to 1999 there are many names on there that are still with the national team and most of the rest have retired.