Supreme’s Eminent Domain Ruling

There are plenty of good analyses already on yesterday’s Supreme
Court ruling strengthening eminent domain
, in Kelo v. New London, a power granted in the
Constitution that allows the goverment to seize private property.
The power has been greatly expanded by stretching "public use" to
include "public purposes" such as expanding the tax base. it’s
sad to think that while we’re aghast that Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe is bulldozing neighborhoods
that voted against him in the last elections, our own government has
pretty much given itself the power to do the same. Finaly, while
we may see an ammendment banning flag burning, we’ll never see one that
limits this potentially abusive government power. This morning, I heard
on the radio a DC government official happy about the ruling since it
may make it easier to seize land needed for new stadiums.

Links to read:

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  • Damaging ‘Deference’: "Government became radically unlimited in seizing the very
    kinds of private property that should guarantee individuals a sphere of
    autonomy against government."
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