Wednsday night DirectKick to the …

I purchased the DirectKick package because it was cheaper to get it than to upgrade our monthly plan to one that includes Comcast Sports Net, the local broadcaster for DC United games.  It was a no-brainer, $70 per season to get pretty much every MLS game broadcast every weekend.  Getting the next package up woule have been $120 more per year.  So, its WAY more MLS matches than you could watch but its nice to have in the background.

Right now, I’m watching the Colorado-San Jose match on DirectKick.  Mostly a boring affair.  Its too bad San Jose can’t scare up a local investor who’ll get them a stadium of their own (here’s hoping I’m wrong).  The field at Spartan Stadium is just way too small for soccer and the ball bounces around like a ping pong ball and the sideline is obscured by the large rail in front of the seats.  I laughed when the announcers said that San Jose was deep at forward since they were playing Alejandro Moreno and Ronald Cerritos.  Moreno is overrated and couldn’t hack it in LA and Cerritos was a good player when MLS defenses were more porous.  The guy runs his heart out though but lacks that real killer touch in front of goal.

The best part of the game so far is the Rapids midfielder named Nkong.  Mostly cause everytime he gets a touch or makes a pass I imagine him talking like the Hulk.  "Nkong make pass!  Why you foul Nkong?  Nkong hate ref…"