Two useful Mac apps

Found two very useful Mac applications yesterday that I wanted to pass along:

JHymn strips the DRM from iTunes Store files (without needing an iPod to unencrypt the files).  I was annoyed that 2 song’s I’d purchased and put on my iPod wouldn’t play at work, where I use a Linux desktop.  All the MP3’s played but not these files, which prevented me from buying more songs.  Thanks to JHymn, I spent $15 on songs last night.

iPhotoToGallery is a great little plugin for iPhoto that lets you export pictures from iPhoto directly to a Gallery album.  The functionality is integrate nicely into the Export option and can resize photos before uploading them.  Its a great example of a handy, specialized application that automates away the tedium that used to prevent me from uploading files more readily and promptly (ie close to an event like my Mom’s 4th of July Birthday Bash).