Hardware DRM in future Windows PCS

Another reason why you don’t want to upgrade to Longhorn – Microsoft’s next major revision to windows. Of course, that assumes it’ll come out within the next few years. That version of the operating system will have hardware enforced digital rights management to restrtict audio and video playback. The analysis linked above makes an interesting point that:

The only way I see this approach as really working, where there is no
consumer/news media backlash like when Microsoft planned (but later
abandoned) rights-protecting recorded TV shows on Windows Media Center
PCs: Make the DRM invisible, or nearly so, to consumers. A major reason
for Apple’s iTunes/iPod success is the near invisibility of the DRM;
JupiterResearch surveys validate that consumers don’t really mind DRM
when they don’t see it.

Please! A "major reason" for the success is the "invisiblity of the DRM"? Are you kidding me! A major reason for the success is that it plays unencumbered MP3 files, which we all have filling up our hard drives (legit or not). A mojor reason for the success is the great design and simplicity in using the device. No one says "I love my Ipod, especially that I can’t see the DRM".