Soccer Blogs Aggregator

I quietly launched Soccer Blogs earlier this month but, after some useful critiques from my design friend Nam-ho, I tweaked the layout and added aggregate RSS and Atom feeds.  I’ve been working on this, as time and World of Warcraft addiction allow, since mid summer.  I wanted to try out aggregating feeds and, this is the next phase, automatically tagging/sorting/cataloging/rating posts as they come in. 

I’d started out focused on the tagging part, maybe using bayesian filtering, but that was proving slow so I switched gears and built the core first.  Its a simple database of blogs and syndication feeds and a script that checks each feed twice a day and imports new entries into the database.  The front end simply displays each post with the first 300 or so characters from the entry.  I’m not redisplaying the full feeds (although I do store them and will be using the full body to tag/organize feeds in the future), since I’d rather be driving traffic to the blog itself.

I’d appreciate any feedback and if you know of any blogs that I should add please send them my way.  In the near future, I’ll add a page that lists all the blogs in my database.