Have Tivo to Go on your PSP or iPod

Is TiVo trying to hitcho onto the iPod halo effect? According to gizmodo you’ll be able to move recorded shows from your tivo to your PSP or iPod. The current Windows-only method for getting shows off the Tivo onto a non-Windows device, involves stripping the DRM.

Testing of the software should happen in the next few weeks and all
TiVo users should have access to it by first quarter next year with a
one-time fee of between $15 and $30. TiVo also mentioned that it may
take up to to 2 hours to transfer the program.

This method probably adds in PSP or Apple friendly DRM, I suspect, so that you can’t play it on an unsanctioned device. But, if it is to be compatible with iPod, it’ll need to have a native Mac application – and don’t you know it but a few months ago Tivo was looking to hire an Apple developer. Will it be convenient enough to comepete with ABC/Apple (and other networks) schemes to distribute TV shows? I’m not sure it will be, you’ll still have to remember to have your TiVo record a program you want to watch, then wait for it to download to your PC and have it transcoded (resized) to play on your TiVo or PSP. But, you’re not restricted to only shows available on iTunes, for example, so for niche programming, like US Men’s World Cup qualifiers, it may be your only option.

According to PVRBlog, either TiVo and apple worked something out or the files will not have DRM.