Slick Photo Albums

I sent my friend Nam-ho a link to the new release of Lightbox JS, a slick Javascript based way to overlay images on a webpage. As far as a javascript onlly solution, it could be an impressive method for displaying a slideshow. In response, Nam-ho sent me to SimpleViewer, a much slicker Flash-based solution for image slideshows. It doesn’t require much technical knowledge to put a SimpleViewer slideshow together, because it can plug into Picasa, iPhoto, Porta, and via kipi to a number of linux image management tools. There is also a php based web admin application to organize photos into albums. Finally, the data for the images used in an album is fed to the viewer via an XML data file.  It would be pretty straightforward to hook SimpleViewer up to a dynamic data source. To check out the results, I made two albums.

Some of my favorite pictures.

Simon, our beagle.