Etcheverry plays farewell match in Santa Cruz

Marco Antonio Etcheverry played a fare well match in his native Santa Cruz, Bolivia last night. I hadn’t heard about the match until this week but there is a spanish language articles here, and here. There had been a rumor that President Evo Morales would play in the match but that didn’t happen. The final score was 7 goals for the Bolivian team and 9 for the visitors. Etcheverry played one half for each team.

The match was played between a team of former Bolivian national team
players, many from the corp that qualified the team to the 1994 World
Cup and finished second in the 1997 Copa America, and a team of Etch’s
friends, including Ecuadorian international Alex Aguinaga and and
Paraguayan keeper Jose Chilavert. Jaime Moreno, Etcheverry’s teamate during his time at DC United, played on the Friends team. Bruce Arena, who coached him in Washinton, was the coach for the Friends team.

I’ve heard rumors, unsubtantiated Internet rumors, that a farewell match in Washington DC is planned by DC United for this summer.