Google Calendar impressions

D’oh, I had a huge post about my further experiences with Google Calendar but my dog ate it because my session timed out (yes its a bug I should fix, but generally I dont’ write very long posts).  

The summary, I like Google Calendar.  I imported my ics file from Mozilla Sunbird with only one glitch, event times were moved ahead by 3 hours.  The web interface is quick and responsive that it wasn’t too tedious too fix the events, but I only had a handful to fix.  I then subscribed to my new google calendar in Sunbird on linux and iCalendar in OS X.

Mozilla read the calendar url file, but messed up on recurring events because google does not attach an ending date to them.  iCalendar read and rendered it fine, and via iSync I seamlessly transferred the calendar to my cell phone.

If you’re still looking for a decent calendaring solution, and aren’t tragicomically married to MS Outlook, you should give it a spin.  There’s even a calendar for this summer’s World Cup that you can subscribe to!