I don’t care what color Bull you give me.

  • The atmosphere in the stadium was great, better than I remember last year’s home opener against Chivas. Kudos to the Metrostars for putting their short busses to use. It felt like playoff game at times, especially as DC equalized in the second half.
  • Eskandarian, I’m so glad you scored and scored early. I was afraid he’d return to the field only to go through a dry spell like he had at the start of 2005. Of course, hopefully he can keep scoring.
  • Freddy, you weren’t muscled off the ball much as I could tell. Although you still dribble too much and made some horrible passes. Unless I’d read it, I wouldn’t have realized you got 2 assists.
  • Nowak’s risk in the second half paid off, bringing in Eski for Simms. It looked like the team lined up in a 4-3-3 and really pressured the Metro defense. After the first goal I told Staci two things – "NY’s defense can’t withstand this pressure. I don’t think United can sustain it the whole half though".
  • Let’s save the best for last. Troy, the season is long so work out whatever nerves now. Any more gift goals like the 2nd and you’ll be watching most of it from the bench.

I also took a couple of pictures at the game, nothing spectacular except for this post of La Norte going crazy after a United goal.