Latino Immigrants and Assimilation

Latino assimilate quite well into American society, more so than the anti-immigration conservative right would have you believe. Tyler Cowen and Daniel M. Rothschild have a data-packed column in the Washington Post looking at this issue. Throughout the article, I couldn’t help but pick parts where I felt like they were writing about me.

Most Latino immigrants want to become U.S. citizens. This process takes
years, so recent immigrants are not a good barometer. But according to
the 2000 Census, the majority of Latinos who entered the United States
before 1980 have become citizens. And second-generation immigrants are
more likely to marry natives than immigrants, further assimilating
their children. The majority of immigrants also own their own homes, a
key part of the American dream.

Check on all three there, even though technically I’m a first generation immigrant born in Bolivia