Windows Vista is Microsoft’s Iraq?

Scott Rosenberg draws an interesting parallel between Microsoft’s attempt to rewrite Windows, and the Bush administration’s foray into Iraq.  Of course, the two aren’t morally equivalent, but its a good intellectual excercise with more than a shred of validity.

Then he says, “It wasn’t executed.” Note the passive voice, correct for it: “We didn’t execute it.” Which means, “We didn’t do it.” That’s, you know, obvious, I’d think.

So its been five years since they started!  In that time Apple has delivered, what, 4 versions of OS X?  On the linux front, there’s been one major kernel revision and a ton of improvements in both the KDE and Gnome camps.  And Firefox came out of the ashes of the Netscape browser to provide a compelling browser alternative.  And Microsoft has given us, the X-Box.