Colorized Word Diffs

I’ve been finding myself doing a lot for copy and tech editting. I needed a way to annotate a PDF based on the changes I’d made to our markdown source. Trying to eyeball this was difficult, and I checked if there was a way to do word-by-word diffs based on SVN output. Remember, SVN’s diff […]

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Automating FTP uploads

I needed to automate copying files for a website that I was building. Since this site was hosted on an inexpensive shared hosting plan, I didn’t have the luxury of shell or rsync access to automate copying files from my local development environment to the host. The only option was FTP, and after wasting too

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Using Dropbox on KDE

Dropbox is a handy service to automatically synchronize files between different computers.  Each computer requires a client that connects to the service and monitors the dropbox folder for changes.  It’s free for up to 2GB of storage and works well. One of the cool things about Dropbox, is that they provide a native linux client

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