Linux: NVidia drivers break with 2.6.9 kernel

This afternoon, I recklessly did an apt-get dist-upgrade on my desktop system. Something I should have previously learned not to do, since it’s broken a few things on me before. This time, after rebooting, the X server wouldn’t load. This has happened before, somehow the binary Nvidia kernel module would get hosed and I’d simply …

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Customizing Bash Shell

I’m trying to help my friend Jason enable ssh port-forwarding on startup on a linux box. I think the solution is to add the ssh command to /etc/profile. This is a good resource I found that explains all the bash shell startup files.

on Apt-y goodness

Jason has discovered the goodness of APT for managing installed software on a Linux box. You gotta respect a tool that lets you upgrade pretty much your entire distribution with one command: apt-get dist-upgrade .

Choosing a Linux NIC

Interesting summary of what to look for in a linux NIC beyond the price is here. I wish I’d looked at that earlier. I’m currently installing Mandrake 9.1 on my sister’s PC. Because her CD drive wouldn’t read the Mandrake iso’s I’d burned, I ended up having to do a net install from my PC …

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Ballmer on the Linux Threat

"IBM’s endorsement of Linux has added credibility and an illusion of support and accountability," Ballmer said. OK, so its caught up to windows which has had that illusion of support and accountability since circa 1990. Linux’s weakness, however, was the lack of a central body investing in its development in areas such as engineering, manageability, …

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