Link: Nginx Hacking Tips

This is a good overview of common configurations comparing nginx's syntax to apache's.  Once you get used to it, I think nginx syntax is easier to understand, and it reads more like an actual script or program.  I've been using nginx to host for 3 months now and its been very solid.  In fact, …

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Useful SVN one-liner

Add it to your aliases, this one liner adds all unrecognized files in the current directory (preceded by ? in svn status) to a svn project. svn st | grep ‘^?’ | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 7 | xargs svn add

Troubleshooting connection problems with memcached

I was noticing today many apache segfaults on this server, and pretty high traffic loads at times. I haven’t pinpointed the exact cause of high traffic, there are a couple candidates, but the apache segfaults seem to accompanied by the following PHP errors: [13-Aug-2008 13:55:27] PHP Notice: MemcachePool::get() [memcachepool.get]: Server (tcp 11211, udp 0) …

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