Bolivia: Governors Defect, Bill Gates and Evo

Your semi-regular Bolivia update.  The governors from six of the nine departments (states) have cut all communications with the federal government.  The six represent the economically strongest regions of the country.  MAS, Morales political party, amended the rules of the Constituent Assembly to require a simple majority, instead of 2/3 majority, to amend the Constitution.  Also last week, the House of Representatives approved a land reform bill.

Morales angered the region’s leaders by advocating putting the
governors under congressional oversight and giving himself the power to
fire them if they do not operate transparently or honestly.

On a more "huh?" note, Bill Gates wants to meet Morales, its a PR opportunity related to the Quechua localized build of Windows that I wrote about at the end of August.  If Bill goes to Bolivia, I hope his tour includes a stop at the Mercado Negro, where he can see what price market forces have set for his OS and Applications.

In the letter, Gates offered Microsoft’s help "in the goal of providing
all of Bolivia’s people access" to the Internet and modern technology,
La Razon reported.