White House staff eschew official email channels

Apparently, some White House staffers have decided that the Legislative branch of our Government is more of a threat than foreign spies, crackers, and terrorist.  To avoid leaving a trail of subpoen-able and incriminating emails, they set up their own unsecured, non-government email servers.  Its a practice officially banned by other federal agencies.  The whole bloody thing and more links are on dailykos and thinkprogress.

All of this I mention just to point out that email security is not a joke and that many people will go to great lengths to get at the sensitive information we’d prefer to protect. Oh, and it appears that some of the staff of the White House have switched from the secure wh.gov server to using not just the RNC, but personal email accounts!

There’s a reason why hotmail/gmail/yahoo/webmail are blocked at some workplaces …