Poor Kasey Keller

Steve Davis wrote a pessimistic piece on Keller’s chance at playing for an MLS club – MLS options appear to be limited for Keller.  While I like Keller, and respect what he’s done over the years for the National Team, I can’t shed a tear at the prospect of NOT having him on an MLS team.  Plus, Keller had a disappointing World Cup last year and wasn’t at all the difference maker I expected him to be.  And I doubt that Keller would be a ticket draw, as the article would have you believe.  If Keller can make more abroad in Europe, why should we feel sorry for him if he stays abroad? 

Keller has long wanted to finish in MLS. But a huge economic obstacle lies in the way; his European salary is easily double or triple what he might fetch today in MLS, unless he pushes deep into Designated Player territory. Most teams, however, are unlikely to conclude that a goalkeeper, even Keller, is worth such a handsome sum.

In Summary – the USA manages to produce a large supply of quality goalkeeper (at least for MLS goalkeepers), and a larger supply than there is demand.  So the price/salary to be an MLS keeper is depressed, especially compared to field players.  Simple economics – this is a tragedy why?