I had 3 classes in Norris hall.

I had 3 classes in Norris hall: Statics, Dynamics, and Deformables (Mechanics of Deformable Bodies, iirc).  All mechanical engineering courses that were requirements for all Engineering students.  My freshman year, I lived across from West A.J.  Later, in grad school, when I was a teaching assistant for Engineering Economics, I gave a final exam in one of the larger lecture halls, with Patty’s help.  I doubt that you could find an Engineering student who did not have a class there.  That’s what makes the shooting rampage on the VT campus solid and real to me.

I walked those hall, I probably passed that hall nearly every day that I was in Blacksburg.  The drill field to where students were instructed to run was my after class destination to join in a pick up soccer game.  It is all so senseless and futile, that I can’t now help thinking that there’s no reason it could not have happened when I was there.

The Va. Tech police and University officials are going to be second guessed, critiqued, and scrutinized for their actions.  I’m disgusted by how quickly some people are trying to find someone at fault for this, beyond the gunman, and how other people have already begun to use this to push an agenda.  I wish we could all pause to reflect and mourn, to give the families affected time to deal with the loss of a loved one. 

Our thoughts are with all of you and the Va Tech family.