Bad Year for TurboTax

I was already going to write about how disappointed I was with TurboTax this year.  When preparing our returns, a few days ago, I submitted both my state and federal returns electronically.  My federal return failed, because TurboTax would not recognize one of the codes we’d enterred, which we verified in the IRS’s own instructions for filing the 1040.  Some googling, found that other people had been having that issue bakc in February, but there was no update to the software that fixed it.  Also, the whole e-file submission process is backwards since you:

  1. Enter your credit card info
  2. Print your return for your copies (the printout assumes your e-file will be a success)
  3. Submit your return

If there’s a problem in step 3, you don’t know for sure if you haven’t been charged.  Also, if you go back and tell TurboTax that you’ll file by mail and print out both returns, the state return printed out is still for an electronically filed return.  After this year, I may have to go back to TaxAct – the only reason I’d switch to Intuit’s tax preparation software was because it was available for the mac.

Well, today I read on slashdot that Turbo Tax’s servers couldn’t handle the rush of last minute filers and crashed.