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I’ve been staying up pretty late again, working on my various websites and geeking out, usually past 1am.  A lot of nights, I’ll listen to the stream from the DC NPR affiliate, WAMU.  Unfortunately, at 1AM they broadcast the show Fair Game, which aspires to be a funny, Progressive take on the days events.  What’s

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Bad Year for TurboTax

I was already going to write about how disappointed I was with TurboTax this year.  When preparing our returns, a few days ago, I submitted both my state and federal returns electronically.  My federal return failed, because TurboTax would not recognize one of the codes we’d enterred, which we verified in the IRS’s own instructions

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SUV’s not that safe

Besides wasting gas, SUVs are not very safe according to a study reported on CNN. Mid-size sport utility vehicles are nine times as likely as passenger cars to be involved in fatal rollover crashes and twice as likely to kill the occupants of other vehicles in crashes, a government study says. Public Citizen has a

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Hispanicity at TJHSST

Seems that my old high school is been in the news for lack of diversity and admission bias leading to underrepresentation by minorities. There are a couple of troubling quotes including: "We need a different method of identifying students for Thomas Jefferson," she said at a luncheon of the Enterprises for Hispanic Youth Foundation. "Helping

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