Why Linux?

The 3 practical reasons I use linux – the $200-400 i don’t have to give to Microsoft are used to get better hardware, more secure without blaming the user, all the Free software available for it (see the first reason again), and not HAVING to reinstall the OS quarterly.  In case that doesn’t convince you, a cavalcade of links work investigating follows.

  • Wil Whaeton- yet another linux post: points to an article to help choose a distribution, and a tutorial on using Ubuntu 6.10 to replace your MS desktop.
  • Ecogeek – Linux Prevents Obsolescence: get more CPU cycles out of that older hardware.  The lifespan, of hardware refresh, period of a Linux system is 6-8 years, compared 50 3-4 for Microsoft.  That also explains why I have the same computer at work for the last 4 years.  Plus, its good for the environment.
  • Steve Wild – Linux Truths, Halt-truths, and Myths: is Linux difficult to setup or software hard to install?  Plus an honest look at other common myths.
  • Howtoforge – The Perfect Desktop:  step-by-step guide to replacing Windows with Ubuntu, including installing common software.