Digg = Poorly Designed Community?

Here’s an article Jason is sure to enjoy, Digg’s failing democracy.  I agree mostly, Digg was novel at first, but now for every potentially interesting story on any page, there are 10 others that are a waste of time.  Here’s a telling fact: slashdot is still in my feed reader, while digg’s feed was removed long ago.  Maybe I’m just getting old, but going to digg feels like jumping into a room full of geek-wanna-be’s with ADD.

How could this happen? Have diggers simply stopped caring about their own community?Aside from mindlessly digging everything that hits the front page, diggers no longer have any noticeable impact on their own website. They are a shadow of their former fired-up-federalist selves. Like all good "voters" they simply vote for the so-called top tier candidates, unaware of/uninterested in the process by which those candidates were placed before them. These days the reality is that most successful digg stories need exposure on a high traffic website to push the link over the hump and onto the front page.