Oscar M.


One year ago I got a TiVo Digital Video Recorder. Not coincidentally during the World Cup so that it would get all the matches since most were on between 2am and 7am. Ever since then, how I watch TV has totally changed. TiVo makes your TV viewing efficient. In a sense, its the first intelligent …

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RSS 4 Teachers

Research news, learning modules, position vacancies, awards and achievements, significant donations , anything that is dynamic in nature and would be of interest to a particular audience can benefit from RSS technology. Web designers can review and select news feeds for customized news portals, enabling students, faculty members, and staff to stay abreast of discoveries …

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Ballmer on the Linux Threat

"IBM’s endorsement of Linux has added credibility and an illusion of support and accountability," Ballmer said. OK, so its caught up to windows which has had that illusion of support and accountability since circa 1990. Linux’s weakness, however, was the lack of a central body investing in its development in areas such as engineering, manageability, …

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WWC Optimism

Despite the best efforts of some soccer people to downplay expectations for the next Women’s World Cup, Brandi Chastain says it will be better