Oscar M.

Soccer is a cruel game.

The week started with a DC United match on Saturday the 7th. Staci and I had tickets to the game but given the perpetual rain that has parked itself in our Stratosphere we decided to forego the trek to RFK and watch the game on television. Even though it rained all afternoon, by gametime it …

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On-the-fly CSS Editing

Using Mozilla you can do some cool things. Simon Willison has a plethora of very cool bookmarklets to manipulate CSS dynamically written by Jesse Ruderman.

Ballmer on the Linux Threat

"IBM’s endorsement of Linux has added credibility and an illusion of support and accountability," Ballmer said. OK, so its caught up to windows which has had that illusion of support and accountability since circa 1990. Linux’s weakness, however, was the lack of a central body investing in its development in areas such as engineering, manageability, …

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WWC Optimism

Despite the best efforts of some soccer people to downplay expectations for the next Women’s World Cup, Brandi Chastain says it will be better

TiVo is going to give Nielsen a run for their money.

TiVo collects a lot of information on user’s viewing habits. You can opt-in fully and opt-out fully by calling their customer service line. The company, rightly so, is very paranoid about keeping this information anonymous and secure. First, because it’s a very valuable asset that competitors would love to have. Second, it would be a …

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