Energy nationalization suspended

Talk about putting the cart before the horse!  Bolivia’s Hyrdocarbons Ministry aanounced that the nationalization of oil and gas industries will be temporarily suspended.  Seems the state company does not have the fund or operating capacity to take over production.  Morale’s nationalization program could end up as nothing more than a populist stunt if YPFB …

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Hotels Bombed in Bolivia

A Uruguayan woman and an American man are being held after two small hotels were bombed in La Paz. Sounds like the bomb blast are at smaller hotels in the city, in "El Centro" of La Paz, themain downtown area. There are 2 casualties and 4 injuries from the first explosion. The blast, close to …

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Bolivia News – Evo Morales making friends, influencing people

Bolivia’s president elect is on a worlwide tour visiting foreign governments including China, Cuba, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Venezuela, and brazil. The US has asked to talk to him, according to the State Department. Morales may meet with the US once he’s been inaugurated. Shannon emphasized how important it is for Washington to continue the …

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