Management Anti-patterns

Sandy sent me a link listing anti-patterns as applied to management practices. For those not up on the jargon, an anit-pattern is a bad practice that is repeated frequently. I first heard this term in terms of programming patterns and anti-patterns, but I’ve since heard it used in non-programming contexts. I can honestly say I’ve …

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Deals with the devil

After two summers during high school where I had the pleasure of working with Visual Basic and Access, you couldn’t pay me enough to program with an MS designed language again.  And, even though I have a basic understanding of Java, very few interesting web sites use Java as their foundation.  But apparently, the marketplace …

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OOP in Javascript examples

Andres at Web 2.0 Technologies has a very informative post about how to use object oriented techniques to implement a robust event broadcasting and listening in javascript.  Follow his advise an dmake your code more reusable.  What do you want to invoke when the checkbox object changes state? If you’re programming it in a non-reusable …

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