IE Complacency

Count me in this group of developers who wish Microsoft would fix their broken Internet Explorer. I also wish all you people out there still running IE 5.5 would upgrade too! But Zeldman warned against wishful thinking, noting that with hundreds of millions of people using Internet Explorer around the world, it would take more

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Some Mozilla Advocacy

Some people hate when a blog is just a collection of links to other places but here goes… You can now support Mozilla projects by buying stuff from the Mozilla activism shop Why you should switch to Mozilla’sThunderbird browser on Windows on DKR Productions: These are all great reasons, and should be enough to convince

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Getting a better browser

The next time you’ll get a new browser from Microsoft is when you shell out money for Longhorn. Realistically, sounds like we won’t see significant uptake of Longhorn for another five years. Windows users, stuck with a browser that isn’t advancing, will look to alternatives, like Mozilla, Mozilla’s Firebird Project, or Opera. These browsers already

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Amusing Spelling Errors

I’ve been trying out Mozilla’s Thunderbird standalone email program at work. For two reasons: it feels faster and more responsive, to try to ween myself off of the Mozilla bundle which consumes a lot of memory. I should check out Firebird next.   Anyway, one feature of Thunderbird is spell-checking, which catches a lot of

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Getting a modern browser

Slashdot found that MS IE6 SP1 will be the last standalone version that Microsoft makes available. Joel on Software writes that he is making Mozilla Firebird his default browser After downloading virtually every Mozilla release over the last three years, this is the first browser I’m actually going to make my default web browser. All

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