History of Sid Meier’s Civilization , Feature Story from GamePro

To think I played almost every iteration mentioned in here. I really love the look back, and progression, of the graphics from each game. From its origins as the offspring of spiritual ancestor Railroad Tycoon to the Facebook-exclusive game Civilization Network, we provide a brief history of Sid Meier's Civilization series. History of Sid Meier's […]

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Wii Fit & Wii Shortages

Gizmodo has a short video demonstrating Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which uses the Balance Board accessory.  It seems like a neat little gimmick, and for some folks maybe a good motivation to get more exercise.  I wonder if the soccer heading mini-game would actually improve my game.  Not that getting a Wii will be any easier

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The impact of SUM on MLS

Soccer America looks at what impact, if any, Soccer United Marketing (S.U.M) has had on our domestic league.  They’re very shrewd promoters, including clauses in contracts that teams coming over to play in friendlies, like Mexico or Manchester United, have to bring their first team regulars.  It sounds like the impact on MSL is fairly

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ABC ignores facts

ABC News reporter Nydia Han ignored facts about the Nintendo DS’s wireless capabilities in order to run a misleading report about the danger’s of the Nintendo DS’ Pictochat. What’s not in the story is anything explained by the GamerDad this reporter consulted before going to air. On Monday morning, I received a call from Nydia

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Video Game Myths

An MIT professor is debunking video game myths. Hillary Clinton should read this before embarking on any crusade. But no research has found that video games are a primary factor or that violent video game play could turn an otherwise normal person into a killer.

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An awesome flash application that lets you build a simple flipbook like animation one frame at a time.  Part of the charm is the simplicity of it all, you can draw in black and white, there are no colors or erasing short of erasing the whole frame.  Here’s a quick doodle of a simple castle

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