History of Sid Meier’s Civilization , Feature Story from GamePro

To think I played almost every iteration mentioned in here. I really love the look back, and progression, of the graphics from each game.

From its origins as the offspring of spiritual ancestor Railroad Tycoon to the Facebook-exclusive game Civilization Network, we provide a brief history of Sid Meier's Civilization series.

History of Sid Meier's Civilization , Feature Story from GamePro


World of Goo available on Linux

Patty, Staci, and I have played World of Goo on the Wii and were quickly addicted to it. It’s awesome to see that the developers have ported it to Linux, alongside Mac and Windows versions. If you’re looking for a good puzzle game thats easy to play in short chunks of time, I highly recommend World of Good. 2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! » Blog Archive » World of Goo Linux Version is Ready!

The Linux version of World of Goo is finally ready for download! It’s available exclusively from our site, in three different packages depending on what your computer likes. (tar.gz, deb, rpm)


Wii Fit & Wii Shortages

Gizmodo has a short video demonstrating Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which uses the Balance Board accessory.  It seems like a neat little gimmick, and for some folks maybe a good motivation to get more exercise.  I wonder if the soccer heading mini-game would actually improve my game.  Not that getting a Wii will be any easier for the foreseeable future, the NY TImes reports that the president of Nintendo America expects shortages through the holiday season.


The impact of SUM on MLS

Soccer America looks at what impact, if any, Soccer United Marketing (S.U.M) has had on our domestic league.  They’re very shrewd promoters, including clauses in contracts that teams coming over to play in friendlies, like Mexico or Manchester United, have to bring their first team regulars.  It sounds like the impact on MSL is fairly mixed so far, but the SuperLiga later this year will be huge.  Beyond the $1M prize for the winning team, the games will be broadcasted on Univision and Telefutura.  At least, S.U.M. has managed to bring the attention of Hispanic broadcast media back to MLS, and that will help the league tap into that audience in the long run.

The combination of coverage on Fox Sports en Espanol (approximately 10 million viewers and TeleFutura (46 million) gives MLS a much greater reach into the Hispanic market through television. Cross-promotion between the Latino and Anglo soccer communities may boost Mexican-American attendance at MLS games.

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Wii – what Nintendo learned from the Gamecube

What does the future hold for the Wii?  If, like me, your still trying to get a hold of one, this interview will give you an idea of what is in store for the console.

GP: Will Nintendo work with third-party developers to help them maximize their use of the Wii Remote functions?

Fils-Aime: Absolutely. We love our third party partners, we support them, we ardently want them to succeed. Make no mistake. A vibrant pipeline of third-party titles for Wii-and for DS, for that matter-is a very good thing for Nintendo.


World of Warcraft a failure?

The most obvious thing to add is customization. The MySpace generation
expects a personalized experience, yet Warcraft’s avatars come in only
a few stock models.

True – when you’re walking around populated zones, you notice that a lot of players look alike. Your only avenues for customization are the armor you wear and, maybe, your pet. This reinforces the “I want new shiny loot” aspect of the game.

Warcraft also limits your choices when it comes to gameplay. The
citizens of Warcraft are like migrant workers—they get their marching
orders, and they follow them to the letter.

There are only so many variations to the quests NPCs give you. At least for me, its been enough because your usually exploring differnt zones. If they’d improve the crafting aspect, and maybe make it so that you don’t just get experience from killing monsters, the game would open up more.

The most glaring problem with World of Warcraft, though, is the larger
storyline. Lots of video game developers are wrestling with how to
shape players’ choices without penning them in. Warcraft’s developers don’t care about that.

The hard core Role players want to have a much bigger impact on the game world. I suspect this is really hard because Blizzard has to maintain game balance across player types and levels. To have a bigger impact on the world could also require so much of a time commitment that the casual player will be left out. But, Blizzard could develop events that pit the two player factions, the Horde and Alliance, against each other in ways that affect the game world beyond the Battle Grounds. How this could be done, I’m not exactly sure.

Finally, I hope you made it this far, but in the comments to slashdot there was a link to Wurm Online, a multi-lpatform MMORPG that has both free and paid account. The unique aspect to the game is its community-building possiblities, see quote below. Anyone want to give it a try?

The base of this
community is a village, which is an area that players purchase and that
has game-controlled guards that protect
structures, creatures and items within. Villages form kingdoms,
and kingdoms fight each other out on wild servers. Combined with the
religion system this makes for a large scale epic scenario with real heroes
and myths.


ABC ignores facts

ABC News reporter Nydia Han ignored facts about the Nintendo DS’s wireless capabilities in order to run a misleading report about the danger’s of the Nintendo DS’ Pictochat.

What’s not in the story is anything explained by the GamerDad this reporter consulted before going to air. On Monday morning, I received a call from Nydia Han of Channel 6 Action News, asking me about this exact story, the workings of the Nintendo DS, Pictochat and Wi-Fi. I was at first sort of dumbfounded by the idea of a child being contacted by someone through Pictochat because it’s not Internet enabled in any way. In order to talk to someone through this application, you must be within 30 to 100 feet of the person (or persons… it supports 16 person chat rooms) you’re talking to. When you’re in that range, you can either type or draw pictures that are sent line by line to the people in the chat room. The most important point is that you have to be in that range, meaning you could probably see whoever it is you’re talking to if you just got up and walked around looking for someone holding a Nintendo DS.


Playing Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia was one of the first games that I was addicted to after I got my first PC ( a 386 ). It was a great combination of tough puzzles, beautiful animation, and an engrossing story. I haven’t played the new version that came out over the last two years, I’m kind of waiting for my sister to finish it so I can borrow her copy.

You can relive all the fun, or see what the fuss was about, now that its available as a flash game. Found via digg.


Video Game Myths

An MIT professor is debunking video game myths. Hillary Clinton should read this before embarking on any crusade.

But no research has found that video games are a primary factor or that
violent video game play could turn an otherwise normal person into a



An awesome flash application that lets you build a simple flipbook like animation one frame at a time.  Part of the charm is the simplicity of it all, you can draw in black and white, there are no colors or erasing short of erasing the whole frame.  Here’s a quick doodle of a simple castle that I did.