D&D is just barely older than me…

Dungeons and Dragons turned 30 this past Saturday, just 6 months older than me. What better way to celebrate than by watching the Dungeon Majesty teaser! first seen here: Boing Boing: Live-action women’s Dungeons and Dragons show

Paranoia RPG

The nwe Paranoia role-playing game is out and here is anRPGnet: Review of Paranoia XP. This post is mostly for Jason who’s the only Paranoia player I’ve ever known. I stuck to more traditional fare like D&D and TMNT in middle school. The original PARANOIA is one of the best roleplaying games ever published, a …

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XBOX: just add water

Came across an interesting tip today that if your x-box magazine demo cd doesn’t work you should boil it. Back in my day we had cartridges and if they didn’t work you blew on the connectors. And we liked it!

MAME Box Progress: TVout

Thanks to Google Groups and the atitvout project, I got my MAME Box outputting the display signal through the tvout. It didn’t work until I changed my X-Free config file to use the Vesa VBE driver instead of the ati driver.

GalCiv Demo Available

Galactic Civilizations is a better MOO than MOO3, that’s my first impression having played the game for about a week now. I haven’t played MOO3 and based on the overall bad reviews of it I will stay away. StarDock’s game definitely has that “just one more turn” appeal that hypothecially may keep you up until …

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