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Zine: Living In Latin America

Through bloglines, I found Living In Lating America, an online magazie. They rely on a network of contributors and I happily noticed that one of their more active writers, Eduardo Avila, posts a lot about Bolivia. Bolivia’s Worst Ambassador Public transportation in La Paz, Bolivia

“How bout those clowns in Congress” – DJtron 2004

If there’s anything that could motivate me more for the election this fall, it’s crap like this – care of the so-called Patriot Act that Ashcroft rammed through Congress after 9/11. Yes, voting out the current administration won’t magically make this sham piece of law disapper, but its a start. The American Civil Liberties Union …

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The Mouse is Irrelevant?

A writeup in the New York Times asks Can Disney Build a Better Mickey Mouse?. The company acknowledges that revenue from Mickey merchandise, measured as a portion of all consumer products, has shrunk significantly since 1997. What Disney doesn’t acknowledge is that Mickey’s reputation, measured in conversations with industry watchers, is shrinking even more. Still, …

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File Sharing HELPS music sales?

Apparently so according to w draft working paper Koleman Strumpf’s on the effect of file sharing and music sales Downloads have an effect on sales which is statistically indistinguishable from zero, despite rather precise estimates. Moreover, these estimates are of moderate economic significance and are inconsistent with claims that file sharing is the primary reason …

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IM Hydras

We use AIM at work, most of the time its pretty useful. Except at times like this afternoon when I feel like Hercules fighting the Hydra. As soon as I get answer someone’s question, two more pop up for me to deal with.