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John Stewart on Crossfire

If you haven’t watched John Stewart’s appearance on Crossfire yet, you can watch it on ifilm. It’s being discussed in a lot of places including Slashdot, Lisa Rein’s Radar, and on Jason’s blog. BEGALA: And that CROSSFIRE reduces everything, as I said in the intro, to left, right, black, white. STEWART: Yes. BEGALA: Well, it’s …

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if you need Zoloft

Just saw a commerical for Zoloft, which is supposed to help you deal with social anxiety disorder. I won’t mention how I think that’s one of the made up disorders that’s useful for driving demand for pharmaceautical products. One of the side effects mentioned amongs nausea is an almost throw away line about sexual side …

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Lessig: Global Warming

From Lawrence Lessig: Global Warming on a report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program. Given the propensities of the Bush Administration to force scientific research to conform to their agenda, this is a welcome change. At last, high-level Administration acknowledgment that global warming is real, and that human activity (mainly the burning of fossil …

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