Interesting bits


An awesome flash application that lets you build a simple flipbook like animation one frame at a time.  Part of the charm is the simplicity of it all, you can draw in black and white, there are no colors or erasing short of erasing the whole frame.  Here’s a quick doodle of a simple castle

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Is this really news?

Our local Fox affiliate aired a non-news consumer report story tonight that was simply ridiculous. Get this, Paer Shredders are DANGEROUS, epecially to your kids (and pets too)! Especially the cross cutting kind. Apparently, the shredder is simply waiting to lure your offspring and chop off their fingers. What evil little, umm…inamimate objects? Isn’t a

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Schiavo notes

Go read Sandy’s Schiavo Notes. And in a related bit, House Majority Leader Tom Delay and his family in 1988 chose not to connect their father to dialysis machine after an accident and instead allowed him to die in peace.  Tom Delay helped push through the extraordinary legislation trying to overturn the findings of Florida’s

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Claria, spyware vendor, on Homeland Security privacy advisory board.

Hopefully this is really more of a hire-the-bad-guys-to-help-the-good-guys kind of thing but I severely doubt it. Seems that the Department of Homeland Security has made an executive from Claria, formerly Gator, to a committee on protecting privacy. The article also has an excellent content-free defense of the inclusion from chief privacy officer Nuala O’Connor Kelly.

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