TIVO, ReplayTV: Pay-per-view content will be restricted

From: | 09/09/2004 | TiVo, ReplayTV agree to limits. How many people order pay-per-view, especially for movies? The last time I ordered PPV, I can barely remember. I think it was a friendly between the USA and Chile back in 1999… The new technology also will allow Hollywood movie studios and broadcasters to regulate

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Blatant TiVo crowing

Rumors that Tivo and Netflix might partner together to deliver DVD’s over broadband have me intrigued. The idea of getting movies delivered via broadband appeals to the lazy slob in me but the technophile who invested in an HD capable projector and progressive-scan DVD player wouldn’t want to watch any movie coming out of the

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SWAT Review

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the movie SWAT since I saw it last weekend. Overall it was a good summer action movie without any noticeable slow parts. The cast was good, although not full of too many known actors. Colin Ferrel did an excellent job as the SWAT officer who lives and

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