Blatant TiVo crowing

Rumors that Tivo and Netflix might partner together to deliver DVD’s over broadband have me intrigued. The idea of getting movies delivered via broadband appeals to the lazy slob in me but the technophile who invested in an HD capable projector and progressive-scan DVD player wouldn’t want to watch any movie coming out of the current, standard definition TiVO boxes. There’s probably a lot more to this story, not the least of which, I suspect, is that this would be a feature of 3rd generation Tivo’s.

On to the crowing, with Java Home Media Server I’ve found that my TiVo becomes more than just a fancy DVR. It has come in handy recently when we’ve wanted to show off some digital pictures in the comfort of our living room. Another very neat feature I discovered is the ability for it to serve as a proxy for shoutcast mp3 streams. That alone has opened up some channels for finding new music to listen to at home.