Useful Software

This is primarily for my father-in-law, a list of links to useful and free software for windows PCs: Viewing PDFs: Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Download page Opening Compressed Zip Files: 7Zip Jason Lefkowitz also has The Big List O’ Quality Software and I’ve also recommended software before Behold the Flash Drive of Wonder.

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More Mac Impressions

I’ve had my PowerBook G4 12-inch lapop for two weeks now. Here are some of my experiences so far with it. I hope this doesn’t come across as any sort of advertisement or rabid fanaticism. Up until now I’ve been a PC guy and my desktop machine is an Athlon based self-built PC running Debian

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Powerbook first post

I finally broke down and bought myself a 12 inch Apple Powerbook laptop. I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my purchase so don’t expect this to be an entirely rational review of it. So far, I’m pretty impressed by how easy it was to get it setup, particularly the networking aspects of it. I

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