We’ll miss the WUSA

This week’s sudden announcement that the women’s professional league in the US was folding prompted a lot of discussion in the soccer world. A good analysis of the situation is at the LA times. While this piece on hopes to silenece the folks who think this is a sign that soccer in the US …

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Winning Eleven Soccer

Stupid region controls on video games. Why can I import the Japanese version of Winning Eleven 6 for the Gamecube but not the European version of International Superstar Soccer 3? Looks like I’m either going to have to move out of the USA, where instead we get crap soccer games like SEGA Soccer Slam and …

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Tim Howard on ManUtd Site

I figure this can count as both a soccer and web item. Former MLSer Tim Howard is on the Manchester United website. Tim, an upcoming goalkeeper for the US National Team just completed his transfer to Englands best known and marketed team. Nice to see him go from one team I hate to another.

Another Soccer blip

A Steve Ralston feature made it to the “front page” of google news US sports section. I’m actually pretty surprised to see it there given how hard a time Soccer has getting significant media exposure over here.

New Jeff Bradley column

Jeff Bradley’s regular column is up on MLSNet 10. I’m not one to rail on MLS officials. Really, they have a difficult job and I hate that so many of the MLS team-level (not national) announcers drone on endlessly about the refs. But, the Ali Curtis goal that was disallowed on Saturday night was one …

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Soccer is a cruel game.

The week started with a DC United match on Saturday the 7th. Staci and I had tickets to the game but given the perpetual rain that has parked itself in our Stratosphere we decided to forego the trek to RFK and watch the game on television. Even though it rained all afternoon, by gametime it …

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