Giase: Missing out financially is Mike Petke’s only regret as Red Bulls defender heads into retirement

I don’t think any other player could be a fan favorite both in NY/NJ and in D.C.

“I’m sure a lot of Red Bull supporters don’t want to hear this, but I absolutely loved my time in D.C.,” Petke said. “It was such a wild ride, something every player should experience. Having experienced that, I can tell you that there would be a hole in my career if I didn’t win (a title).”

Giase: Missing out financially is Mike Petke’s only regret as Red Bulls defender heads into retirement

BBC News – World News America – US soccer finds a Hispanic audience

Overview of how MLS marketing has shifted towards courting the Hispanic market.  D.C. United features heavily, as an example of a team that got it mostly right from the beginning.

"The league had this crazy idea that it was going to be some sort of youth-oriented activity," said Kevin Payne, owner of DC United, a founding MLS team based in Washington DC.

BBC News – World News America – US soccer finds a Hispanic audience

MLS Playoff Widget

Now that the MLS season is close to an end, the playoff picture will start to come into clearer view. Using the Embed Widget module for Drupal, I was able to take a block containing the standings as a single table and make it available as a widget that anyone can put on their own website. The hardest part was theming it to look halfway decent, because the module wants to use the Color API module to generate a color scheme automatically based on one color. I overrode that with a single theme preprocess function to get the exact colors I wanted.

You can get the code for the widget over at Behind the Badge.

Sounder at Heart has questions about how ties are broken, so I’ll have to give that another look to make sure its on the up-and-up.

Soccer stadium in Price George’s county?

I’d be tremendously happy to see D.C. United get its own stadium anywhere that is Metro accesbile. But the tone at the end of the article, about the county not being able to offer the team any incentive is confusing. AFAIK, the team hasn’t been looking for any locality to fully fund construction of a stadium, ala the Nationals, but would ask for investment in infrastructure improvements. If the latter are used to build better roads, bridges, etc that will benefit the whole community, I think its a win. It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, stadium developments happen this year and with this economy.

Prince George’s sets goals for soccer stadium

Still, Campos said it would be difficult getting the county to put forward any funding to attract the team.

“Right now, it would be tough with everything going on,” he said. “Clearly, we have way-bigger issues to worry about.”

Byrd agreed that governments have little to offer financially to the team.

“Incentives do not abound at this time,” Byrd said.

Quaranta in Baltimore Sun

Some candid talk from Tino about what was (is?) lacking in him as a professional soccer player. Kicking it into gear — —

In a recent interview, Quaranta (Archbishop Curley) said he often took his life as a professional athlete for granted. Now, after turning an invitation to train with United this season into a full contract, he is eager to not only become one of the best players in MLS, but to also perhaps go overseas and leave his mark on the world. To do that, the forward must supplement his natural ability with an unyielding commitment to staying in shape. "I didn’t take care of myself. I didn’t take care of my body. I didn’t do what I was supposed to do as a professional," Quaranta said. "Yeah, I did take it for granted. That’s the truth. A lot of people might look at that and say, ‘He was ungrateful.’ But that is just the truth. That’s where I was at that point.

DC United vs Red Bulls in Carolina

The more things change the more they stay the same: Rivalry renewed: D.C. tops Red Bulls.  The usual cautions about not taking the pre season as a real indicator of future performance apply here.  Still, any time we beat the Metros it’s a good thing.  Joe, queue up the “Same old Metros” chants!

Jaime Moreno slotted the game’s only goal past Tony Meola in the 56th minute.

The ejections of Youri Djorkaeff and Taylor Graham, both late in the
second half, made a comeback all but impossible. Both were sent off for
earning a second yellow cards tackling, in the Canadian referee’s
opinion, too aggressively.

Props to DC United ticket staff

Thank you to my DC  United ticket rep who called me at home to return my call earlier this afternoon for tickets to this Saturday’s Eastern Conferece Final between United and the Revolution.  I tried to buy 10 tickets this afternoon but got sidetracked at work on, well work, and thought I’d have to call early tomorrow to get them.  Tickets are apparently going pretty quick for what will be the last United home game before baseball comes to RFK.  If you’re planning on going to the game, you might want to get tickets early.  You can order online at the DC United website.

Weekend Recap

Suffice to say I had a crazy packed weekend to start this November. The highlight was when Staci and I grabbed saltenas for lunch today. We like the ones from Victor’s grill in Falls Church and the last few times we had gone they were not well made and looked rushed. They seem to have gotten their act together, the ones we had today were delicious.

The lowlight of the weekend was watching a craptastic DC United team lose to Chicago at RFK. The team looked utterly slow and non-threatening. My friend Greg, who I’m trying to convert into a soccer connoseuir, brilliantly summed it up when he observed that Chicago looked like they had 22 players on the field while the DC players always looked isolated on the field. I’m headed to bed to recover. It was a wee bit too structured, I like a little more space between events on a weekend.