Don’t need your approval

Dave Barry writes the column I've been mulling over for a few days. Go figure, he's a professional writer and all. With the reception the World Cup is getting this year in the USA, I'm hoping the soccer zealots mellow out and stop seeking the approval of the rest of the domestic sports fans. Seriously, enjoy the game and let them hate. If you've got a friend who isn't a hater, bring them out to a game and buy them a beer.

I truly believe that, even though many Americans say they hate soccer, if they gave it a fair chance — if they took the time to actually watch a World Cup match or two — they would still hate soccer. I don't know why this is, but apparently it's not going to change. I've given up arguing with guys who tell me how boring soccer is, but will happily spend four hours watching a baseball game in which 97 percent of the action consists of batters calling timeout.

Dave Barry: On soccer's big stage, nudity is the goooall!