Open Immigration, its not just for the affluent

Philippe Legrain, who despite his first name is apparently British not French, is an economist/journalist who offers a perspective on immigration that you don’t hear lately.  The case against immigration in the US is based on fear, and racisim/xenophobia, covered in a veneer of economic half-truths.  Legrain spent six months researching immigration policies, and his …

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White House staff eschew official email channels

Apparently, some White House staffers have decided that the Legislative branch of our Government is more of a threat than foreign spies, crackers, and terrorist.  To avoid leaving a trail of subpoen-able and incriminating emails, they set up their own unsecured, non-government email servers.  Its a practice officially banned by other federal agencies.  The whole …

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OpenCongress in beta

Someone does Government 2.0 style – OpenCongress is live, complete with "Beta" sunsplash thingy and a few gray gradients.  This, along with The Open House Project, seem to be built on top of the data provided by govtrack.us.  Will it make a difference?  Will you use it to track any issue, industries, or your local …

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Colorado & Immigrations Law: All Cost, No Benefit

Colorado, home to the nation’s toughest anti-immigrant law is finding that enforcing the law has cost more than $2 million and resulted in no savings.  Who would have thought such a law wasn’t the brightest idea?  Not the politicians running up to an election who need to show the voters that they’re "doing something" about …

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Oppose DOPA

Please take 5 minutes to let your legislators know that you oppose Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA).  Like much legislation with a why would you oppose it type name, the bill is overreaching and censors legitimate speech. Cutting off social networking’s legitimate uses is bad enough, but DOPA also gives the FCC wide latitude to …

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Speech writing genius – presidential

Its always fun to laugh at those in power.  Since it’s friday, check out this hilarious clip documenting the processes used to write George W Bush’s speeches.  It’s a hilarious mash up that uses footage from actual speeches.

Kelo, Eminent Domain links

I’ve been wanting to post these links analysis the Suprem Court Kelo decision for a while now. I don’t have any of my own insight into this but its an issue to be informed about. “Drop-kicked by eminent domain” Case studies for Kelo Kelo, stadium subsidies, and economic development

Post Election Post

Well, the thought that the Daily Show will still have plenty of material for the next two years has been the one bright spot that’s helped me accept the results of the election. Hopefully, both parties will pay more than lip service to the idea of working to bridge the gap between them. If not, …

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