Presidential Debate Thoughts

Nothing spectacularly insightful and I missed the first hour of the debate because we were watching the US-Panama World Cup Qualifier, but here are some observations: In his answer to the no child left behind question, Kerry spoke about Hispanics and the president seemed to refer to them as “children whose parents don’t speak English.” …

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How Kerry should Debate Bush

Scott Rosenberg writes about how John Kerry should debate the president this week: Speaking unblinking truth to power. This president is all about “Not Blinking”. Or as John Stewart said, “Sure he drove us into a wall, but he didn’t flinch while he doing it”. “Mr. Bush, after 9/11 your job as president was to …

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NY Welcoming Republic National Convention

Some folks not so happy with the Republican National Convention in New York have organized together to, umm, welcome the GOP’s candidates. Bright blue tarps, painted with glaring yellow letters, are going up on dozens of rooftops in Brooklyn, under the flight paths into busy New York airports. Thousands of delegates and convention guests peering …

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Fun on Bush’s campaign site

On wonkette via Sandy. The Bush reelection folks have put out a great online tool where you can make your own Bush-Cheney 2004 posters. Their gonna get a lot of unintened hits and posters this way so enjoy while the app is up. Here are my two: Read more Bush campaign slogans