Presidential Debate Thoughts

Nothing spectacularly insightful and I missed the first hour of the debate because we were watching the US-Panama World Cup Qualifier, but here are some observations: In his answer to the no child left behind question, Kerry spoke about Hispanics and the president seemed to refer to them as “children whose parents don’t speak English.” …

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How Kerry should Debate Bush

Scott Rosenberg writes about how John Kerry should debate the president this week: Speaking unblinking truth to power. This president is all about “Not Blinking”. Or as John Stewart said, “Sure he drove us into a wall, but he didn’t flinch while he doing it”. “Mr. Bush, after 9/11 your job as president was to …

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Fun on Bush’s campaign site

On wonkette via Sandy. The Bush reelection folks have put out a great online tool where you can make your own Bush-Cheney 2004 posters. Their gonna get a lot of unintened hits and posters this way so enjoy while the app is up. Here are my two: Read more Bush campaign slogans