Real Life

Simon goes to work

Simon went to work with me today and he behaved really well.  In the morning, he was obviously excited by the new surroundings and new people to meet.   But eventually, he settled down and fell asleep on the sofa near my desk.  After lunch, he continued sleeping and pretty  much slept the whole afternoon.  …

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Hello. My name is Simon.

This weekend, Staci and I adopted Simon from BREW, a local beagle rescue organization.  Staci saw his posting earlier in the week and pretty much fell in love with the little guy, so we headed to the Adoption Day they were having in Alexandria on Saturday.  We pretty much made a bee-line from the dorr …

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Buster is ok so far

Buster, Patty’s beagle, went in for surgery last week to remove a tumor. Patty has the biopsy results and has to decide what to do next.

Back from California

We flew in Friday with enough time to grab lunch and get ready for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner. I messed up the google map directions and instead of being on North California Ave we ended up on California Ave, on the wrong side of the Caltrain rails. We were half an hour late to …

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Patty’s Blogging

I’ve set up a blog for my sister Patty.  I had to introduce her that way because it really annoys her.  See, she’s my sister not a person in her own right.

Pink Eye

A bout of pink eye in my right eye, put me out of commission for the last two days.  Wednesday was pretty bad as I could barely open my eye, today wasn’t much better until the evening when I could keep it open consistenly.  I saw a doctor yesterday morning, even drove myself to the …

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