Real Life

the London attacks

…not much to say that hasn’t already been said… In a free society, you can’t safeguard against every terrorist attack by a determined aggressor. The alternatives, totalitarianism and loss of freedom, are worse. We’ll never know how many attacks are thwarted or know the effectivenees of anti-terrorist strategies – real security strategies, not made up …

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Bolivia’s latest crisis

I haven’t blogged about it this time, partially because my dad isn’t trapped there this time, but after another bouth of unrest, Bolivia is on its 3rd president in as many years (i think).  Populist political leaders have used the nationalization of the country’s natural gas industry to channel the dissatisfaction of ordinary Bolicians into …

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Digitally moved in

I’m back online!  We’ve been settling into the new house over the last two weeks.  Almost everything is unpacked and put away, although there’s lots of little stuff left to do like hang up pictures, organize books, finisih setting up the home theatre, and so on.  I’ve mowed the lawn twice now, thereby tripling my …

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Patty’s engaged.

So if you read my last post you saw that my sister’s now engaged! Her fiance Kevin, who she met nearly 3(?) years ago now but they didn’t start dating until the beginning of last year, surprised her with the big question during a trip to New York. I won’t spoil more details but will …

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Juggling stuff.

I haven’t updated in almost a week and I haven’t really put up anything significant in quite a while.  It’s not really because my INTP brain is getting bored with blogging, but real life and work have been pretty busy lately.  As a result, I haven’t had as much time to devote to writing for …

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Patty got a new job.

I’m going to assume that its purely coincidence that the day my sister starts her new job, this is the Dilbert strip for today. Good luck, Patty!