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DC Housing Bubble?

The question "are we in a bubble" has been an unsettling gremlin that’s been following Staci and I around during the last 3 months while we house hunted (notice past tense there!). Both Cafe Hayek and Tyler Cowen tries to explain what other market forces may be at work besides a bubble. Housing can be …

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Into my 4th decade

Those of you who understood that the millenium didn’t start until 2001 will not be confused when I say that today I enter my fourth decade. Yup, today is the big three-zero for me! So as not to dwell on my birth, here are some other equally momentous events that happened on this date: Sharing …

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House Hunting

Two quick things I’ve realized now that Staci and I have started to look for a new house: Google can make a killing by licensing their beta maps application to real estate listing sites. The maps are so much better than the stuff microsoft and other map providers are selling. Trust your realtor for the …

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Reasons to go to Alaska?

This post is mainly for Dave, who’s brother just got a job in alaska. – Extensive new study details states’ drug, alcohol use Alaska has the nation’s highest rate of illegal drug use; binge drinking is particularly prevalent in the upper Midwest; and Utah’s reputation as a clean-living state is well-deserved, according to a …

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Social Security Fact Checks

Well, I missed the State of the Union address this week because we were in Baltimore picking up our wedding album. Here are some links from FactCheck.Org about the president’s proposed Social Security reforms. Bush’s State of the Union: Social Security “Bankruptcy?”, That term could give the wrong idea. Bush also makes private accounts …

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Ugh, i don’t know why I’m still up at 2am. I think I’m afraid, this server will crash again like it already did twice today. I think the hardware is getting old, but it hasn’t been 2 years since we got it. If you see me tomorrow and i’m less than responsive or attentive, now …

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Happy new year!

Happy New Year to all of you! Writing was light last month for a number of reasons, chief among them the holidays and a much needed week off from work.

Tsunami Disaster Relief

If you are looking for a way to donate to diaster relief for the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, you can donate to the Red Cross through Amazon. It takes no time at all.

Isn’t she funny?

So I’m mildly addicted to world of warcraft, which I’ve been meaning to write about but theres curiously little free time at the moment. I sent my wife an email with four funny PvP comics on the subject an her reply is "Didn’t know they were making a cartoon about you"