Another Soccer blip

A Steve Ralston feature made it to the “front page” of google news US sports section. I’m actually pretty surprised to see it there given how hard a time Soccer has getting significant media exposure over here.

Tim Howard on ManUtd Site

I figure this can count as both a soccer and web item. Former MLSer Tim Howard is on the Manchester United website. Tim, an upcoming goalkeeper for the US National Team just completed his transfer to Englands best known and marketed team. Nice to see him go from one team I hate to another.

New Jeff Bradley column

Jeff Bradley’s regular column is up on MLSNet 10. I’m not one to rail on MLS officials. Really, they have a difficult job and I hate that so many of the MLS team-level (not national) announcers drone on endlessly about the refs. But, the Ali Curtis goal that was disallowed on Saturday night was one …

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Soccer is a cruel game.

The week started with a DC United match on Saturday the 7th. Staci and I had tickets to the game but given the perpetual rain that has parked itself in our Stratosphere we decided to forego the trek to RFK and watch the game on television. Even though it rained all afternoon, by gametime it …

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WWC Optimism

Despite the best efforts of some soccer people to downplay expectations for the next Women’s World Cup, Brandi Chastain says it will be better

England likes the American Keepers

The best quote of the article came from Ivan Gazidis that makes it sound like its no big deal that the biggest club (moneywise) in the world wants an MLS player. “There’s discussions about our top players every day, as clubs around the world express interest on a regular basis.”

Another tie for DC

Yes, United managed another league tie this past weekend – but this time they scored a goal! Two observations: Ryan Nelsen is the man, both in defense and in midfield. Too bad he got red carded in this game. Nice to see a crowd of 21,00 at RFK to support DC through its worst league …

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