State of Officiating in MLS

As usual, For the Integrity of Soccer has a sobering, insightful, and depressing review of the quality of officiating in Major League Soccer.  As an avid fan, the lack of improvement in this area has been stark in comparison to the progress the league has made on other fronts over the last decade. The reason …

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Maxi Rodriguez unfortunately blew out his ACL in Argentina’s loss to Spain yesterday.  Rodriguez scored one of the best goals of the World Cup during the knockout phase against Mexico. (Post includes video).  

USA in next Copa America?

Ignore for know the fact that the next Copa America is in Hugo Chavez land.  The American soccer blogs are a twitter with the news from Sunil Gulati that the US is expecting a formal invitation to the 2007 edition of the Copa America.  I, along with everyone else, want to see our team take …

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