Major League Soccer Players by Country of Birth

Beau Dure linked to a file containing a map of Major League Soccer players by the country of birth. Since PDF is about the most boring file format out there, I took the listings and transferred them to a more interactive flash map below. Enjoy!

Qualifiers back at RFK?

WaPo reports that RFK is in serious pursuit to host a World Cup qualifier this fall. I really hope this is true, its been a long time since I’ve been to a qualifier at RFK. The dates and potential opponents are: Sept. 10 vs. T&T Oct. 11 vs. Cuba (Carson was chasing this game aggressively) …

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Poor Kasey Keller

Steve Davis wrote a pessimistic piece on Keller’s chance at playing for an MLS club – MLS options appear to be limited for Keller.  While I like Keller, and respect what he’s done over the years for the National Team, I can’t shed a tear at the prospect of NOT having him on an MLS …

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The Middle Class Player?

He starts by saying that "Those are the players MLS needs to keep or go out and get, the players who might be great stars one day, but right now are simply solid role players who increase the team competence on the field."  No one can argue with that statement, clearly any sports league needs …

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